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Alt 26.10.2018, 08:40
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Standard SI worries about Josh Rosen’s mood

When the Josh Rosen talk was happening leading up to the 2018 NFL Draft http://www.cardinalsfootballauthenti...rsey-authentic , the conversation was literally never about his work on the field.Instead, it was always about the person of Rosen, ignoring the glowing reviews of the work on the field.In May, Albert Breer wrote quite the article wondering if Rosen was meant for the NFL:On Monday, Breer’s colleague, Robert Klemko http://www.cardinalsfootballauthenti...rsey-authentic , was at the Arizona Cardinals training camp and came away with some not so great things to say about Rosen as well:The amazing thing is, that up until Saturday’s woeful performance by the second team offense, the buzz about camp was Josh Rosen, his personality, how he is handling the rigors of the NFL and clicking with teammates:That’s what is always the interesting part about these reports from camp.Writers come in for a day, make a sweeping conclusion , then blow out of town.Was Rosen just having an off day, was he frustrated with himself or with his teammates, or was it just the realization of wasting time not getting in sync and in rhythm before a chance to work in a live game with the first team offense?Was there even anything to the story itself or was this just a single man’s interpretation of the events?I guess this is what happens when you get a big time quarterback prospect finally.Fox announces week one broadcast assignments, Arizona Cardinals get Thom Brennaman While we are still 40 days away from the start of the 2018 NFL season opener for the Arizona Cardinals, we now know who will be calling the game on September 9, 2018.When the Arizona Cardinals host the Washington Redskins , they’ll have Thom Brennaman, analyst Chris Spielman and reporter Shannon Spake call the 1:25 pm kickoff.That’s not a bad crew for the Cardinals, as Brennaman typically gets top games on the Fox call, so it’s a pretty good get for game one of the season when the Cardinals have one or the lowest win predictions in the NFL.I think part of the draw for both teams is the change.No Bruce Arians, no Carson Palmer, no Kirk Cousins for the Skins. Alex Smith versus Sam Bradford is an interesting opening match up , to see what they’ll bring to their respective teams.What do you think of the broadcast assignment for the Cardinals?
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