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Feierabendrunden Ihr habt keine Lust alleine zu biken? Hier kommt rein: Abfahrtsort, - Zeit und bei welchem Wetter gefahren wird, ebenso Zu- und Absagen.
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Standard WoW: Everyone looks the same

cheap WOW Gold World of Warcraft is now a few years old . Only at one has changed since the release as good as nothing - the character creation. In this area every third-rate Asian grinder depends on the most successful MMORPG in the world by light years. Is it time for Blizzard to come here?

Blizzard's showcase MMORPG World of Warcraft (now for $ 13.88) has undoubtedly plenty of strengths that make it one of the most successful games ever. On the other hand there are a few weaknesses.

WoW: Everyone looks the same
While character creation has some options the characters in a race ultimately look the same and are more different in their armor than in appearance. Although Blizzard has brought more and more variants into play in the past few years that did not really help. Suddenly choosing between ten instead of eight different hairstyles does not necessarily make for more individuality. The same applies to tattoos or horns and the like.
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WoW: Subraces instead of more character diversity

WoW: shock for beginners
They see the cinematic trailers or in-game trailers in which people of different sizes talk bloated goblins running around and orcs are of different size and muscle-packed. Then these players log in and find out that all goblins look the same and in the orcs they are allowed to adjust the color of the muscles but not their quantity. Who is new to MMORPGs as it was most WoW beginners many years ago that's something that maybe does not matter. Experienced players including offline role-playing games fall backwards out of the game in this case.

Maybe I see it a bit too tight and certainly not all things are disturbing. That the majority of the players but really happy with the character creation World of Warcraft Gold for sale I dare to doubt. Or do you see things completely differently?

BY online welcome!
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cheap wow gold

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